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Case 2: Chemical Company B

Used the Partial Pressure Test Method (SPC_CARBER) to greatly reduce the cost of welding work

Welding work involving high pressure gas boilers or reboilers requires that the pressure resistance performance of the welded area be tested using hydraulic pressure. The cost of performing a pressure resistance test, which requires extensive ancillary work such as the installation of a divider plate and temporary scaffolding, posed a big challenge for a chemical company that was looking to replace a nozzle for one of its reboiler units. Shinko Plantech proposed using the Partial Pressure Test Method, which greatly reduced the originally estimated turnaround time as well as project cost.

Key Point

PointPartial Pressure Test Method (SPC_CARBER)

The Partial Pressure Test Method (SPC_CARBER) performs a pressure resistance test on a limited area, such as a nozzle attachment, without the need to make additional welds to the body of the machine. It also uses a jig that enhances safety. The jig used for the Partial Pressure Test Method is an internationally patented technology of CARBER of Canada. Shinko Plantech retains the exclusive licensing right for its use in Japan.

  • Partial pressure test in progressPartial pressure test
    in progress
  • Example jig for partial pressure test of a nozzleExample jig for partial
    pressure test of a nozzle

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