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Case 3: Gas Company C

Responded to an unexpected repair. By collaborating closely between the head office and the field, the client quickly returned to full operations

During scheduled repair work for the high-pressure gas facilities and equipment of a gas company, a leak occurred in the O/H pipe area of a high-pressure gas unit that was not covered under the scope of the post-op comprehensive airtight test. Surface corrosion was also confirmed in the area where the leak was discovered. For this reason, Shinko Plantech performed an extensive surface corrosion inspection that uncovered areas of corrosion that required repair over a wider area than the machine body. Based on this inspection, we immediately performed the relevant repairs.
For the repair work, we were instructed by the Prefectural Government to allow an inspection by the High Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan (KHK). Accordingly, Shinko Plantech, having received this request from one of its business offices, set up a project team consisting of members of the Machinery Department, Inspection Department and the Materials and Welding Technology Department from the corporate head office. We worked together as a single unit, combining the efforts of the corporate head office with the local business office to review and confirm the surface corrosion conditions, the scope of repairs required and method to be used, in addition to conducting a technology review with the customer relating to repairs to verify the soundness of the existing area. From an administrative level we also supported the client by preparing the paperwork that needed to be submitted to the Prefectural Government and handled communications with the KHK relating to the inspection. As a result, we received approval to start the repair work much earlier than initially anticipated, later completing the repair work in 24-hour shifts, which allowed us to achieve the client's requested date for the restart of operations.

Key Point

PointCreated a Database for Causes of Damage and Relevant Countermeasures

Shinko Plantech has created a database of its work results and track record using the huge amount of information collected from its material assessment technologies. This database was put to use in the above-mentioned case. Historical data enabled us to bypass verification of welding in the sample product, which helped to shorten the turnaround time for the project.

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