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October 2000 Niigata Construction Co., Ltd. and Sanko Engineering Corporation merged to form Shinko Plantech Co., Ltd.
Niigata Construction Co., Ltd. Established in 1954, the company works primarily with the former Nippon Oil Group (currently the JXTG Group), providing various plant construction and maintenance services for oil refineries, petrochemical plants and pharmaceutical manufacturing plants. Today, its core business, however, is plant maintenance services.
Sanko Engineering Corporation Established in 1938, the company’s core business is engineering services for various plant types, including oil refineries as well as petrochemical and general chemical plants. The company also provides plant maintenance services primarily to the former Tonen Group (currently part of the JXTG Group).
April 2002 First Medium-Term Plan
June 2002 Acquired the oil and petrochemical related tank business from Niigata Engineering Co., Ltd.
October 2002 Introduced an executive officer system
November 2003 Established subsidiary in China, "Wuxi Shinko Plantech Co., Ltd."
April 2004 Second Medium-Term Plan
Sendai Branch Office Established
March 2005 Capital increased to 2,754 million yen
July 2006 Headquarters moved to 27-5 Shin-Isogocho, Isogo-ku, Yokohama-shi, Japan
March 2007 Shares listed on the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
April 2007 Third Medium-Term Plan
July 2007 Investment unit of shares was adjusted from "1,000 shares" to "100 shares"
June 2009 Kawasaki singles dormitory was completed
November 2009 Acquired 80% of Ikeda Kiko Co., Ltd. shares, making it a subsidiary
January 2010 Dormant Indonesian subsidiary PT.SANKO ENGINEERING INDONESIA was renamed PT.SHINKO PLANTECH and resumed operations
March 2010 Completed Isogo Training Center
April 2010 Fourth Medium-Term Plan
June 2010 Merged the Indonesian operations and staff of Takada Corporation into PT.SHINKO PLANTECH, expanding the business in Indonesia
November 2010 Acquired 60% of Tokai Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. shares, making it a subsidiary
June 2011 Established subsidiary in Thailand,
October 2011 Acquired 100% of Toshin Seisakusyo Co., Ltd. shares, making it a subsidiary
April 2013 Fifth Medium-Term Plan
April 2016 Sixth Medium-Term Plan
June 2016 Transition into a company with Audit & Supervisory Committee

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