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About SPC

Shinko Plantech Co., Ltd. is a total plant maintenance company offering maintenance and engineering services.

We are a comprehensive plant maintenance company with engineering expertise offering highly value-added maintenance and engineering services for plants in a broad range of industries, including oil, petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals. The following pages contain information about Shinko Plantech, such as an outline of our company, our corporate philosophy and details of our business activities.

Message from Our CEO
A message from Shinko Plantech Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director Yoshiharu Yoshikawa.
Corporate Philosophy
Read about Shinko Plantech’s corporate philosophy and mid- to long-term management vision here.
Business Lines
Shinko Plantech offers highly value-added plant maintenance and engineering services in a broad range of industries, including oil, petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals. Read more about our business activities here.
Company Overview
Information on topics such as Shinko Plantech’s paid-in capital, number of employees and business activities can be found here.
Read about Shinko Plantech’s history here.
Management & Organization
A list of Shinko Plantech’s directors and an organizational summary can be found here.
Information about Shinko Plantech’s business offices can be found here.
Affiliated Companies
Information about Shinko Plantech’s affiliated companies can be found here.
Quality Assurance Management
Read about Shinko Plantech’s quality policy here.
Program for HSE (Health, Safety, Environment)
Shinko Plantech’s health and safety policy can be found here.
Employee Training
Details about education initiatives at our Training Center, designed to pass down technical skills to our employees, can be found here.
Compliance & Risk Management
The Shinko Plantech Group code of ethical conduct can be found here.

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