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Quality Assurance Management

Quality Policy

Our Corporate Philosophy at Shinko Plantech Co., Ltd. is to consistently offer customers high value-added services in the areas of maintenance and engineering. While this directly improves the customer's productivity, we also believe that this contributes to the well-being of society and to the conservation of our environment.

In order to fulfill this Corporate Philosophy we established the following Quality Policy. Utilizing Shinko Plantech's people, organization, technology and facilities, all of our corporate officers and employees endeavor to put the principles of our Quality Policy into practice.

  1. We will work to increase customer satisfaction by delivering products and services that comply with the criteria applied.
    1. Products and services that comply with statutory, regulatory and customer requirements
    2. Products and services that are designed to be safe
    3. Products and services that are highly reliable
    4. Products and services that are designed to be economical
    5. Products and services offering meticulous after-sales service
  2. We will establish and implement a Quality Management System in order to offer products and services that are suitable.
  3. We will confirm the implementation status of the Quality Management System, and make continuous improvements to its effectiveness

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Scope of Application

“Engineering and design, procurement, construction, modification and maintenance operations and associated project management of petroleum refining, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, thermal electric power generation, gas and environmental plants and associated equipment”

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