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Message from Our CEO

Shinko Plantech will continue our quest to deliver highly value-added services as a comprehensive plant maintenance company.

Shinko Plantech Co., Ltd. offers highly value-added services to customers in the areas of maintenance, engineering and the environment.

Based upon this concept, and working as an industry-leading comprehensive plant maintenance company with engineering expertise, we have offered highly value-added plant maintenance and engineering services in a broad range of industries, including oil, petrochemicals, general chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Plants must run safely and predictably for our customers to maintain normal production and a stable product supply. For that very reason, we recognize the importance of plant maintenance, which helps plants avoid accidents and keeps operations running smoothly.

Our company has amassed technologies and know-how developed over many years of experience and a long track record, and we undertake everything from plant construction to maintenance. What’s more, we support our customers by serving as a consultant in solving plant maintenance and operational issues, and by becoming a partner to our customers in implementing functional maintenance, improving productivity and economic efficiency, and safety and environmental measures.

While working to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities, we will continue to strive to maintain and advance our technologies and skills, and devote ourselves to continually learning so that we may always provide our customers with optimal maintenance and engineering services.

Yoshiharu Yoshikawa President and Representative Director

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