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Company Overview

Company Overview

Trade Name Shinko Plantech Co., Ltd.
Capital 2,754 million yen
Number of Employees 1,010 (as of March 31, 2018)
Business Line

The following types of businesses related to various machinery, equipment, plants and facilities for oil refining, petrochemicals, gasses, chemicals, electricity, nuclear power, iron making, coal, water purifying, feed factories, bio-chemistry, the food industry, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and supply, medical facilities and equipment, information and communication, conveyance and transportation, distribution, crude oil storage, air conditioning, water supply and drainage, pollution control, disaster prevention, environmental conservation, etc.

  1. Overall engineering and consultation
  2. Fabrication, procurement, sale, repair and lease of facilities and equipment
  3. Design, supervision and execution of work such as facility and equipment installation, civil and construction, electrical instrumentation and piping
  4. Maintenance and ensuring the safety of facilities and equipment
  5. Research and development of technology


  • Special Construction License from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Civil engineering business, Architectural and construction business, Scaffolding and excavation business, Electrical contracting business, Plumbing business, Steel structure contracting business, Paving business, Painting Business, Machinery, equipment, and facility business, Water supply facilities business, Demolition Business
  • Ordinary Construction License from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and TransportFirefighting facilities business
  • First class architect, registered with Kanagawa Prefecture
  • High Pressure Gas Safety Act (Japan) Ministry Certified Piping
  • ISO 9001 Certification
  • Electricity Business Act (Japan) welding license
  • High pressure gas welding equipment license
  • Manufacturing license for boilers and class 1 pressure vessels

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