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IR Policy

Basic Policy

Shinko Plantech Co., Ltd. proactively discloses information concerning its management strategy and financial condition to its stakeholders, including shareholders and investors, and aims to gain their trust and earn their fair appraisal.

Information Disclosure Policy

We will disclose items requiring timely disclosure and items whose disclosure is legally required through the Tokyo Stock Exchange's Company Announcements Disclosure Service (TDnet) and/or press releases. In principle, we will post all such information on our company’s website, thus striving for even fairer information disclosure.

Earnings Projections and Information about Future Forecasts

Information disclosed by our company may include earnings projections and other items pertaining to future forecasts. Such information is produced using information available at the time of disclosure, and does not always necessarily reflect the latest information. Therefore, the information contained in future forecasts, including earnings projections, may differ from actual results as the result of economic conditions and market fluctuations that occur after the time of disclosure.

IR Quiet Period

Shinko Plantech Co., Ltd. has established a “Quiet Period” from the day after the closing date of each quarter until the date earnings are announced. During this time, the company refrains from any IR activities, and is unable to answer questions or comment on earnings releases. However, if the company concludes that earnings may deviate significantly from previously released projections, the appropriate information will be disclosed.

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