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Business Fields

We provide a wide range of services, from plant construction to maintenance.


Shinko Plantech provides a wide range of plant construction and maintenance services for its clients in the oil refining, petrochemical, general chemical, pharmaceutical and food sectors with manufacturing facilities and environmental equipment.

We offer a selection of maintenance services including routine maintenance work and scheduled repair work that help clients ensure their products reach the market, maintaining the safe and stable operations of their large, complex manufacturing plants. We also provide modification to augment plant capacity, improve productivity or lengthen economic life, as well as engineering services including new plant construction.

We are committed to supporting the manufacturing activities of our clients by assisting with streamlining plant lifecycle.

Business Concept

Business Concept
We overcome plant maintenance challenges through face-to-face dialogue with our clients.

Maintenance (Routine Maintenance / Scheduled Repairs)

Maintenance (Routine Maintenance / Scheduled Repairs)
From routine maintenance work to scheduled repair work, we stand at the ready to ensure your plant functions at peak performance. Contact us about our bundled maintenance service packages.

Engineering (Modification / New Construction)

Engineering (Modification / New Construction)
We can service a wide range of manufacturing plant needs, from modification for augmenting capacity to addressing energy and environmental protection activities as well as new plant construction.

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