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Business Concept

Exhibiting technical, management and organizational competencies at every work site

  • What is One to One Maintenance?
  • Values
  • Engagement
  • Strengths
Plant maintenance requires the systems and knowledge to respond accurately to actual on-site conditions. Shinko Plantech fuses its long-standing technological and engineering competencies in the field to provide a wide range of client-oriented solutions, from maintenance to modification. We put our clients' minds at ease with our track record in management competencies, in which we control safety, quality, work process and costs. On a broader level, our organizational competencies enable us to respond to the challenges of large-scale construction projects.

Maintenance Technologies and Track Record

Engineering Competencies
Front end engineering design capabilities
Chemical engineering applications and CAD design (2D & 3D)
Shinko Plantech Technology Standards (SPS)
Technical Competencies in Maintenance
Materials, welding and maintenance technologies
Leakage prevention technologies
Miscellaneous cleaning technologies
Equipment and Machinery Competencies
Tube Bundle of H/E
Hydro extractor / Bundle-extruders
Flange facer
Solid Track Record
Database of specialty construction work
Maintenance technology workshops
Miscellaneous licenses

Managing Safety, Quality, Work Processes and Costs

Construction planning to execution management competencies
Safety and quality management competencies
Health and Safety Management System
Quality Management System (ISO9001 and high pressure gas construction certification)
Competencies as a Kaizen solutions provider
Kaizen solutions system
Mechanization solutions
Work flow rationalization solutions
Safety solutions
Competencies leveraging IT tools
Project management tools
Maintenance history management tools
Next generation IT terminals

Organizational Structure and Mechanisms

Partner company management competencies
Shinkokai (nationwide organization)
Health and Safety Cooperation Forum (regional organization)
Partner company management system
Company-wide production planning competencies
Production planning system (coordinating capabilities of supervisors and on-site staff)
Employee Training competencies
Proprietary certification program
Isogo Training Center

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