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Organic Solvent Gas Recovery Unit

Addressing a wide range of organic solvents to achieve zero emissions at a low cost

VOC-VRU — Fully Compliant with the Pollutant Release and Transfer Register Law

Shinko Plantech's organic solvent gas recovery unit, VOC-VRU, employs an adsorption method based on the pressure swing adsorption method in addition to a non-flammable hydrophobic adsorption agent and a specially designed tank that recovers VOC gases. Compared to the conventional active carbon adsorption method, the VOC-VRU does not require steam as a heat source when desorbing, and so does not require ancillary equipment such as boilers or waste water treatment devices. The VOC-VRU can be used for a wide range of organic solvents in a wide range of industries and ensures full compliance with the PRTR Law and other regulations. By reducing organic solvent gas flue, we are committed to helping achieve a recycling-oriented society.

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High Performance / High Recovery Rate

Adsorbs several percent VOC concentrations within a short time.
Recovery method and adsorption agents are designed for optimal results based on the nature of target VOC gas and economic factors.

High Degree of Safety

Uses hydrophobic silica gel, zeolite, etc., which are noncombustible and non-catalytic, as the adsorption agent. Desorption does not require heat and is therefore safer than conventional methods.

Adsorption under Normal Pressure

This process adsorbs VOC gas under normal temperature and pressure, and regenerates under reduced pressure, avoiding the use of high pressure gas as well as the deterioration in quality of the recovery liquid.

Wide Usage Range

Depending on the adsorption agent used, this process allows the recovery of a wide variety of toxic air pollutants including benzene and trichloroethylene.

Simple Operation

Simple operation allowing tasks to be performed on demand as needed.

Compact System

Uses electricity for most main utilities; it does not require water drainage or treatment equipment.

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Process Flow

Process Flow

Adsorption Tower 1: Selectively adsorbs VOCs from VOC gases, and then discharges clean air.
Adsorption Tower 2: Desorbs VOCs under reduced pressure using a vacuum pump.
*The operation of adsorption towers 1 and 2 are automatically switched after a predetermined amount of time.

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