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Isogo Factory

Responding to a variety of maintenance demands with expert welders

The Isogo Factory provides rationalized, high-quality piping prefabrication, machinery fabrication and re-tubing services for heat exchanger units during scheduled repair work. In addition, the plant fully utilizes precise design engineering data from integrated CAD systems during the prefabrication process. Our expert welders are able to respond to a variety of maintenance work procedures, in addition to pipe fabrication work.

Overview of Isogo Factory

1.Licenses for welding procedures
Experience with welding procedure test, conforming to laws and regulations (As of March, 2012)

Pressure vessels and piping High Pressure Gas Safety Act 310 cases
Electricity Business Act 108 cases
Gas Business Act 90 cases
Other testing (customer requirement specifications / internal voluntary testing) 640 cases
Specified outdoor storage tanks Fire Service Act 300 cases
2. Buildings / Land
Factory building 55 m ×14 m 770 m2
Outdoor work area 55 m ×14 m 770 m2
Administrative office waiting room - 230 m2
Product yard 55 m ×14 m 770 m2
20 m ×14 m 280 m2
3. Factory equipment
Cutting machines Automatic pipe cutting machine (proprietary design)(4B-30B)   1
Air plasma cutting machine D-8000 1
Automatic high speed band saw cutting machine TB4-430GN 1
High speed pipe cutting machine RA230-E 1
Plasma cutting machine   1
Flame cutting machine   1
Processing machines Groove angle automatic cutting facing machine YSCN-600 1
Precision pipe grooving machine MAXI-C-STD 1
Vertical drilling machine KRTE-540 1
Magnetic drilling machine M-450 1
Stationary grinder   2
Compressors Air compressor SP-110PB15HP 1
Screw compressor SCD-220GD 1
Welding Argon welding MRH-300S 2
VRTP-300 6
Alternating arc welding machine MRH-300K 2
KRE-300 12
KSER-500 7
Semi-automatic MAG welding YM-3502S 6
Pipe automatic welding DPW-60 1
DPW-114 1
Plasma cutting machine PCG-120 1
Cranes, etc Outdoor gantry traveling crane 5.0 ton 2
Indoor traveling crane 2.8 ton 2
Indoor jib electric chain 1.0 ton 4
Forklift 2.0 ton 1
Tools Up/down positioner UD-200 11
Pipe roller PR-200 5
Torch stand WTS-2010S 2
2.5-5.0 ton turning roller PR-200 6
Dryers Electrode storage container 2600×2600 1
Electrode dryer HSN-100 4
Other Air purifier (electrostatic cell included) ES-1800 4
ES-900 2
  • Automatic high speed band saw cutting machine 20B SCH160
    Automatic high speed band saw cutting machine 20B SCH160
  • Groove angle automatic cutting facing machine
    Groove angle automatic cutting facing machine
  • CO2 Semi automatic welding machine
    CO2 Semi automatic welding machine

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