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Materials & Welding Technology Services

From identifying the causes of damage to  equipment materials to proposing appropriate repair methods, Shinko Plantech is there from start to finish.

Shinko Plantech has established our own expert division in materials and welding technology to deal with varied forms of damage in plant equipment materials and with the problem of embitterment due to aging degradation. Using our knowledge and expertise gained in the oil refinery and petrochemical fields, we provide consistent service from identifying the causes of damage in equipment materials to proposing appropriate repair methods, contributing to shorter site work periods and reduced customer labor.

Repair Process and Support Services

Reduction of lost time and customer labor through full-range response

Reduction of lost time and customer labor through full-range response

Material evaluation technology

  • Multifaceted analysis using our testing facilities
  • Use of databases accumulating our extensive experience

Prompt identification of causes of damage and proposal of optimal measures

Welding repair technology

  • Investigation of welding repair methods based on material evaluation
  • Procedure validation in our factory

Formulate of reliable welding repair procedures


Material Evaluation Technology

Our Materials & Welding Technology Division uses our own testing facilities to conduct multiple-approach rapid analysis of corrosion, damage, and embrittlement of materials in equipment. Based upon our database of extensive experience gained through material evaluation technology for oil refinery and petrochemical equipment, we rapidly identify causes of damage and propose appropriate measures.

See the following pages for information on our testing facilities.

Our Main Testing Facilities

Database of accumulated expertise regarding material evaluation

Database screenDatabase screen

Major search items
Search according to plant user
Search by types of damage
Search for corresponding or similar equipment
Search by cause of damage
Search by materials used
Search according to maintenance site, etc.

Experience in material evaluation and  testing, primarily in oil refinery equipment


Welding Repair Technology

From investigation of appropriate welding repair procedures based on material evaluation and testing, to validation of welding procedures in cooperation with our Isogo Factory, we offer reliable and exact welding technology, respond rapidly to requests from maintenance sites, and provide support for welding repairs on existing equipment.

Investigation of repair welding procedure based on material evaluation/testing

Welding validation at our Isogo Factory

Proposal of welding repair procedures / support for on-site work

Our Isogo Factory, which has extensive experience in welding procedure qualification record

磯子工場Isogo Factory

Experience with welding procedure test, conforming to laws andregulations
1 Pressure vessels and piping
High Pressure Gas Safety Act: 310 cases
Electricity Business Act: 108 cases
Gas Business Act: 90 cases
Other testing (customer requirement specification / internal voluntary testing):640 cases
2 Specified outdoor storage tanks
Fire Service Act: 300 cases
As ofMarch, 2012

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