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Rotating Machinery Maintenance

Features of Rotating Machinery Maintenance

Offering a Wide Range of Maintenance Services Shinko Plantech provides clients with tailored services to meet special needs and maintenance contracts. We also offer integrated solutions, from planning and execution to reporting.
Professional Maintenance Work Our highly trained technical team performs efficient and superior maintenance work under our ISO9001-based quality management system.
Cutting Maintenance Costs Our management and maintenance services ensure optimal long-term rotating machinery performance. This helps our clients cut maintenance costs and realize stable plant operations.
Thoroughgoing Maintenance System We have developed a safety-first management system that allows us to respond to a wide variety of client needs. This includes small scale maintenance, including daily, regular and emergency, as well as new installations and modifications of larger equipment.

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Track Record in Rotating Machinery Maintenance

Below you will find information from Shinko Plantech's experts covering our track record in various maintenance services, including power turbines, large gas compressor units and powder and granular machines.

  • Gas turbine wing
    Gas turbine wing
  • Steam turbine rotor
    Steam turbine rotor
  • Resin mixer
    Resin mixer

Gas turbine (8,000 kW to 39,000 kW)

MF-111 model / MF-221 model / MW-251B8 model / F6 model

Steam turbine (30 kW to 27,000 kW)

Extraction-condensing turbine / back pressure turbine

Large centrifugal compressor (50 kW to 27,000 kW)

10H5S model / 9H4W+8HC5C model / TH3-7-1model / VH-106 model

Screw compressor

KS63SV model / KS63ALZ model / KS50LA model

Reciprocating compressor (50 kW to 6,100 kW)

Horizontal opposed multi-cylinder model / horizontal single cylinder model / vertical multi cylinder model / vertical single cylinder model / Y-shaped multi cylinder model

Extruder / Mixer (600 kW to 1,500 kW)

P380-13SW model / D380-135W model / CIM-300 model / LCM-400 model / LCM-300 model


D600 model / ART60-85 model / P8 model / P6000 model

Centrifugal dryer

345 model / NFP-9T-SOL model / 800 model

Large fan blower (15 kW to 10,000 kW)

19DMA27 model / FADB-CGT model / 14-10AF-SCM model

Vacuum pump / Roots blower (30 kW to 300 kW)

400SONITV model / IRS-400DT model / IRS-350C model

Stirrer (Includes glass lining machine)

VRLH10 model / VDB-400 model

Boiler machine

Rotating air preheater / soot blower / forced draft fan


Oscillating conveyor / screw conveyor / belt conveyor / bucket conveyor

Pump (0.25 kW to 2,500 kW)

Centrifugal pump / gear pump / reciprocating pump / plunger pump / turbine pump / canned pump / axial pump / vane pump / trochoid pump

Other machines

Stoeckicht gear / gear accelerator/decelerator / oscillating screen / thin-film evaporator / pulverizer / rotary valve / auto-strainer / torque converter

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