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Maintenance Automation

Shinko Plantech actively promotes the implementation of automation, safety and energy conservation practices.

How do you achieve high quality, low cost and quick turnaround time maintenance services? One solution is our active approach to process automation, energy conservation and safety as well as the development, implementation and improvement of various machinery, jigs and tools for improved workflow efficiencies.

In addition, using the Kaizen solutions system, the Company and its partner companies have achieved strong results through initiatives to actively deploy solutions directly in the field, rationalize work processes and pursue quality and safety.

Tube Bundle of H/E

The bundle mover is a self-propelled specialized piece of heavy machinery that removes, inserts and transports tube bundles for heat exchanger devices. The machine offers better safety, higher accuracy and faster turnaround times with fewer support staff.

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Hydro Extractor

Single crane operations for removing, inserting, hanging and hoisting tube bundles for heat exchanger devices located in high places ensures the highest standards of safety, precision and shortened turnaround times.

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Bundle Extruders

Bundle extruders safely and reliably remove and insert tube bundles for small to large sized heat exchanger devices.

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Slitter Blaster

The slitter blaster automates the pretreatment processes for measuring the thickness of a sampling tube including number marking, vertical splitting and polishing.

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