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Piping Inspection & Management Services

Effective and efficient inspection management by line and by point that manages surface corrosion and visual inspections as well as internal and fixed point corrosion

Piping Inspection & Management System Ver.4
Optimized facility maintenance management tool for managing corrosive surfaces and interiors

Inspection management of pipes currently in service is one of the most important maintenance activities for achieving stable plant operations. Inherent problems associated with pipe inspections, however, include the broad scope, differing causes of interior and surface damage, and having to sort out fixed and transfer points for the inspection. In addition, the consolidated management of inspection and management records as well as repair plans is laborious. Shinko Plantech's pipe management and inspection system incorporates the needs of facility managers in providing a more versatile solution.

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Developed from the Following Customer Feedback

  • I want simplified, consistent, and thorough corrosion inspection management.
  • I want to manage not only by each line, but also by each point.
  • I want to link schematic drawings with data (numerical values, pictures, documents, etc.).
  • I want to enable historical management.
  • I want to manage the repair history based on inspection results.

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Main Features

  • Regular management of each fixed point and cyclical management for each line
  • Links isometric drawings with various data
  • Links piping history and inspection documents
  • Maintenance and repair plus history management

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Our Services

  • Customization based on client needs
  • CAD drawing visualization
  • Providing support during the initial establishment of line/point data
  • Visual inspection by experienced technicians and implementation of maintenance and repair work

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