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Rotating Machinery Diagnostics

Streamlining on-site measurement operations and data processing

The focus of rotating machinery diagnostics is to assess the condition of the device based on regular measurements of vibration levels and changes. The resulting data is extremely large, making it difficult to manage the measurement specifications and thresholds. Data processing, such as generating graphs from measurement data, also occupies a great deal of time. Shinko Plantech has developed the CBM PARTNER WIN, software co-developed with vibration meter manufacturer Rion Co., Ltd. for Microsoft Windows, as a means of resolving these issues.

Connection to Vibration Meter

  • Vibration meter (VA-11C)Vibration meter

The software connects to the Rion vibration meter (VA-11C and VA-10), which displays the device name, measurement location and measurement mode, making on-site measurement operations more efficient.
In addition, a keyboard is not required for manual input of measurement values as these are captured automatically by the software.

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Automatically Identifies Machines at Risk

The software includes absolute criteria values (ISO10186-1 and others) as well as relative assessment values (starting value and previous value) so that it can automatically identify machines with a value that exceeds respective settings.

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Precision Diagnostics

  • Frequency spectrumFrequency spectrum

Shows bearing defect frequency on the frequency spectrum, and is capable of detecting any bearing abnormality. Features approximately 300 types of bearing data and covers most general bearings.

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Wide Range of Record Output

  • Trend management graphTrend management graph

Outputs numerical measurements taken on-site into graphs using the trend management graph function, allowing users to observe changes in measured values. Capable of nine different types of record output, including a measurement list, which summarizes the measured values, as well as a list of machines of concern.

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Vibration Diagnostics Technology Support

  • Measurement value list (Example print out)Measurement value list
    (Example print out)

Shinko Plantech offers this system as an operation management platform to clients who plan to use vibration system diagnostics for petroleum and chemical plants, and provides vibration diagnosis-related technical support.
The Company also conducts precision vibration diagnostics targeting rotating machine, pipe work, and framework, as well as response characteristic tests using a hammering device.

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