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Heat Exchangers (Ultra-High Pressure Cleaning)

From tube bundle removal to cleaning and reinstallation, Shinko Plantech's integrated industrial cleaning operation greatly enhances workflow efficiencies.

  1. STEP01Tubing Removal and Transfer
    • Determine crane placement
    • Setup (position crane outriggers, wire connection between remote control and crane, etc.)
    • Remove bundle from shell
  2. STEP02Surface Cleaning (rotate tubing 360 degrees)
    • Complete first surface, then clean tubing by rotating in 90 degree increments
  3. STEP03Interior Cleaning
    • Clean using flexible lance
  4. STEP04Tubing Transfer and Reinstallation
    • Determine crane location, setup
    • Insert into shell
    • Adjust bundle torsion

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Safety, Shortened Work Times, Laborsaving

Shinko Plantech has established maintenance innovations in the removal and reinstallation of heat exchanger bundles, including smaller work crews, quicker turnaround times and improved quality.

  • Self-propelled heat exchanger
  • Specialized heavy equipment for removal and reinstallation of bundles
  • Bundle Mover

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Ultra High Pressure, High Flow Cleaning

Compared to conventional jet cleaning, the Autojet greatly reduces turnaround times by using 80 MPa of water pressure from each fixed nozzle combined with a 170 L per minute flow rate from multiple nozzles. The ultra high pressure, high flow spray action dramatically improves peeling and removal of sediment. The tube bundle is also rotated 360 degrees using a turning roller, ensuring that all surfaces are completely and evenly cleaned.

  • Ultra high pressure cleaning machine
  • Autojet

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