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eatures of Scheduled Repairs

Shinko Plantech works closely with clients to efficiently implement scheduled repair work.

Scheduled Repair Work

Having the right manpower and equipment are both mission critical when scheduled repair work is to be performed during periodic plant shutdowns. Therefore, efficiently executing scheduled repair work requires advanced operational capabilities.

At Shinko Plantech, we conduct scheduled repair work in close collaboration with clients by responding to increasingly diverse needs, engaging with them during the planning of minute project details, and supporting as well as participating in equipment inspections.

In addition, during the actual repair work we aim to always achieve the most ideal work processes, including proper supervisor deployment, reduced manpower through the standardization of work volume, the elimination of heavy equipment idling, the highest levels of safety and uniform methods that use standardized protocol. Furthermore, we also provide modification during scheduled repair work to improve functionality and lengthen service life to save energy as well as labor.

From basic planning of scheduled repair work to execution, completion and inspections, we are positioned to provide high value-added scheduled repair services by engaging with our clients closely.

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