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Jack-Up Method

Shinko Plantech drafts detailed work plans that eliminate tank damage and safety issues.

Jack-Up Method (SPC-I Type)

As the tank body is heavy, work to correct differential settlement is carried out based on a detailed execution plan and adequate preliminary survey. As the Jack-Up Method also meets environmental protection and earthquake resistance safety assessment standards, the method is performed alongside other foundation and ground construction work, dramatically improving the efficiency of tank maintenance, modifications and repairs.

This method eliminates safety issues and damage to the tank body, reducing maintenance and repair costs. Review items for work execution include the differential settlement amount and conditions as well as the type, size, weight, shape and material of the tank. We base our method and execution plan on an understanding of these items.

The advantages of the Jack-Up Method are evident in the fact that it normalizes the up and down roof movement of floating roof tanks from differential settlement, repairs the tank body, and partially replaces the side wall. In addition, the Jack-Up Method has established a solid track record in safety, reliability and speed when compared to conventional methods.

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