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Maintenance Workflow

Shinko Plantech's precision and high efficiency maintenance capabilities for all tank types help to reduce costs.

Maintenance for Each Tank Shape

Our maintenance services for all tank types, including floating roof tanks, cone roof tanks and spherical tanks, leverage our long-standing track record in research and technologies to enable precision and high quality execution. For maintenance planning, a comprehensive diagnostic inspection is planned and executed, with the results reviewed from multiple parameters. This is in turn reflected in maintenance and repair planning, which ensures better maintenance work efficiencies and ensures a high degree of reliability.

In addition, tank diagnoses use a highly precise analysis of current conditions to review the impact on strength and safety caused by corrosion or differential settlement problems, which are verified using various specialized analysis techniques. The final maintenance and repair plan is drafted after a detailed review of the plan and its proposed method of implementation.

Assessment / Planning Flowchart for Problem Resolution

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