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NW Protectors

A seal that always grips the side wall, preventing rain water penetration

NW Protector Type Ⅰ

Weather seals installed in conventional floating roof tanks suffer the drawback of rainwater trickling down the tank side wall, which accumulates where the side wall meets the seal and seeps through into the interior of the tank. The NW Protector uses a proprietary structure based on innovations made to the seal material and shape that ensures the seal always grips the side wall. The seal made of an elastic rubber, is designed to improve sealability and block rainwater from entering the tank.

  • ANW-1 Model
  • ANW-1 Model Schematic Diagram

NW Protector TypeⅡ

The NW Protector TypeⅡ is a simplified version of the NW Protector TypeⅠ using less metal, and was developed for tanks that store highly corrosive products (such as naphtha, etc.).


The NW Protector TypeⅡ uses wiper rubber against the area of contact with the side wall to discharge rainwater between the side wall and the top of the floating roof. Like TypeⅠ, TypeⅡ uses a waterproof sheet in the vapor area space between the side wall and the floating roof. By minimizing the use of metal exposed to the corrosive tank environment, the TypeⅡ offers improved corrosion resistance when compared to conventional weather seals (iron plate type).

  • NWⅠ Model
  • NW-1 Model Schematic Diagram

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