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TW Seals

A safety seal structure that prevents vapor loss in floating roof tanks

TW Seal — Preventing Evaporation Loss of Volatile Products Stored in Floating Roof Tanks

Seals for floating tanks are used to prevent the evaporation loss of volatile petroleum products that normally occurs in the space between the tank side wall and the circumference of the floating roof, and as a buffer against external forces exerting pressure on this space. As a result, seal structures require the durability to withstand long periods of use, sealing performance with moderate pressure bonding capabilities and the sliding flexibility to respond to changes in rim space (between side wall and floating roof). Conventional seal structures, however, have been largely unable to meet these requirements.

The TW Seal, based on multiple testing of and modifications to the structure and seal material, is able to achieve the necessary sealablity that resolves these challenges.

Custom Order Items TW Seal Type 1 TW Seal Type 2
1. Seal Spacing
  • 1)Standard
  • 2)Effective
200 mm
100~300 mm
200 mm
100~300 mm
2. Seal Pressure Surface 35~130 Kg/m 30~130 Kg/m
3. Coversheet N.B.R.
2.5 mm (1-ply)
2.0 mm (1-ply)
4. Terminal Treatment Endless (vulcanization on site) Endless (vulcanization on site)
5. Urethane Geometry Hollow wave
  • Hollow wave
  • Trapezoid
6. Urethane Hardness 8.0 Kg 5.5 Kg

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