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Wax Scrapers

Wax Scraper effectively scrapes away wax to maintain an effective seal.

Wax Scrapers

Wax Scrapers

When storing petroleum products with large wax content, heated pipes are generally installed inside the tank to prevent hardening. However, because the temperature of the side wall of the tank is lower than the temperature inside the tank, wax adheres to the inner side wall. Shinko Plantech's Wax Scraper device was designed and developed to effectively scrape wax from the side wall to maintain an effective seal.


Attached to the base plate of the pontoon, the device uses a counterweight to press the scraper blade against the side wall. The device then uses the up and down motion of the floating roof to scrape wax from the inner side wall.


  • When passing the welding seam, the wax scraper follows the side wall smoothly to ensure maximum scraping action without impeding the up and down movement of the floating roof.
  • The scraper blade is designed to apply no more than the required pressure, ensuring the blade edge remains undamaged and a long useful life for the device.

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